We listen to your idea to plan the right product for you.

Our goal

Consists in helping you plan the best possible product, so that you can face the market knowing that your product is reliable.
We've been on the market for over 40 years and we constantly maintain up-to-date the skills and knowledge of our technical department. We are able to offer the best technologies availble on the market.

Especially, we have remarkable experience in

  • - Embedded systems hardware planning, from the smallest 8bit microcontrollers, to the powerful microprocessors of the ARM family.
  • - Firmwarer planning in languages suitable for C, C++, assembly, ...
  • - Boards drivers planning based on Linux
  • - Boards softwares planning based on Linux
  • - PCs and Apps softwares for smartphones and tablets planning.
  • - Remote tele-control systems for monitoring and controlling the systems.
  • - Communication systems on conveyed waves (Power Line Modem) planning
  • - High-performance measurements and analysis of electrical quantities and physicals.
  • - Highly efficient systems and low energy consumption for the energy-saving field planning

We possess amazing and up-to-date equipment for

  • - Calibration, by using 2 calibrators FLUKE constantly kept calibrated by SIT (Servizio di Taratura Italiano).
  • - The spectral analysis of the conducted and radiated electromagnetic emissions for an electromagnetic pre-compatibility.
  • - The analysis of the resistance to disturbances through a BURST soound generator.
  • - The analysis of thermal dispersion and points of overheating through thermal cameras.